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How to administer EGRIFTA SV™?

A daily injection can seem overwhelming to some people. But with proper preparation, it doesn't need to be. The steps below are a quick guide for how to reconstitute and inject EGRIFTA SV™.

Before you begin

EGRIFTA SV™ injection supplies

(2 mg)

Syringe with mixing (reconstitution) needle attached

Sterile Water for Injection USP

Injection needle with shield
(½", 30-gauge)

Injection needle with needle exposed
(½", 30-gauge)

Injection Box Medication box

EGRIFTA SV™ is a once-daily subcutaneous injection with a small volume of administration

Color of mixing needles may be different.

Preparing EGRIFTA SV™ for injection

A brief overview

  • Clean the rubber stopper on the EGRIFTA SV™ vial and sterile water bottle with an alcohol swab
  • Fill syringe with sterile water to 0.5 mL line
  • Inject sterile water into EGRIFTA SV™ vial
  • Avoid foaming by injecting the sterile water at a slight angle against the vial wall
  • Remove the needle and roll the EGRIFTA SV™ vial gently in your hands for 30 seconds

Injecting EGRIFTA SV™ for injection

A brief overview

  • Remove the mixing needle, and attach the 30-gauge injection needle and remove the cap
  • Remove any air from the syringe, tap to force air bubbles to the top, and then push the plunger to push bubbles out
  • Push the plunger until the medicine in the syringe is at the 0.35 mL mark
  • Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and let it dry
  • Inject EGRIFTA SV™ into the skin around the abdomen (belly); pinch the skin before inserting the injection needle
  • Injection site should be changed with each dose
EGRIFTA SV™ should not be injected into scar tissue, bruises, or the navel.
EGRIFTA SV™ should be administered immediately after reconstitution.
Please see full instructions for use. Please see full instructions for use.