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What is EGRIFTA SV™ ?

When it's HARD BELLY
(excess visceral abdominal fat),
it may be time for EGRIFTA SV

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EGRIFTA SV™ is an FDA approved treatment* for HARD BELLY in adult patients living with HIV and lipodystrophy.

EGRIFTA SV™ is not indicated for weight loss management; the impact and safety on cardiovascular health have not been studied; and it is not known whether taking EGRIFTA SV™ helps improve compliance with anti-retroviral medications.

EGRIFTA SV™ is a daily treatment that you inject subcutaneously (under the skin) around your lower abdomen (belly).

*An approved strength of tesamorelin for injection with the same efficacy and safety of tesamorelin 1 mg/vial. The 2 mg/vial is more concentrated than the 1 mg/vial, and the recommended daily dose is 1.4 mg.

How EGRIFTA SV™ works

In some people living with HIV, HARD BELLY occurs partly due to a reduced amount of growth hormone, which regulates how fat is stored in your body. HARD BELLY fat is a different kind of fat; it lies deeper in the abdomen area, it is harder and firmer than the softer, squishy, regular fat that is just under the skin. HARD BELLY fat can be difficult to control with just diet and exercise. In people living with HIV, EGRIFTA SV™ stimulates the production of growth hormone that helps to reduce the amount of HARD BELLY fat.

Helping to reduce HARD BELLY and maintain your results

Tesamorelin for injection (1 mg/vial) was studied in two clinical trials in adult patients living with HIV who developed HARD BELLY.
  • Each trial lasted 6 months, with an additional 6-month extension phase.
  • Patients receiving tesamorelin for injection saw significant reduction in HARD BELLY.

Reduction of HARD BELLY was maintained for 1 year with

ongoing treatment (daily injections of tesamorelin).

HARD BELLY returned when treatment with tesamorelin for injection was stopped.
For patients living with HIV, HARD BELLY is a chronic condition. Even with taking EGRIFTA SV™ every day, it might take time to see results and maintain the reduction in HARD BELLY.
Talk to your healthcare provider about your treatment plan, the results you expect to see and feel, and any questions you may have while you are taking EGRIFTA SV™.
Reduction of HARD BELLY maintained

People who used EGRIFTA SV™ continually for one year saw significant reductions in HARD BELLY over this time period.

HARD BELLY returned when treatment was stopped

HARD BELLY returned when EGRIFTA SV™ was stopped after 6 months of therapy.

EGRIFTA SV™ is not approved to reduce the health consequences of HARD BELLY.
EGRIFTA SV™ is not indicated for weight loss management.