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EGRIFTA SV™ reduces Hard Belly
(Excess Hard Abdominal Fat)


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What is “Hard Belly”?

Hard Belly is a buildup of extra hard fat in the abdominal (belly) area. Hard Belly is different from regular fat.

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EGRIFTA SV™ is a newly FDA approved treatment* used to reduce Hard Belly (excess hard abdominal fat).

It has been proven to significantly reduce Hard Belly (excess hard abdominal fat).

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EGRIFTA SV™ is not approved to reduce the health consequences of Hard Belly (excess hard abdominal fat).
*A newly approved strength of tesamorelin for injection with the same efficacy and safety of tesamorelin 1 mg/vial. The 2 mg/vial is more concentrated than the 1 mg/vial, and the recommended daily dose is 1.4 mg.